Sample Muscle Diet plan for skinny people(4000 cal)

If you are just a beginner and not used to of high calorie diet, try to eat 5 of the 6 meals mentioned below. If you still struggle reduce the amount of food in each meal.

meal1(5:30am) :  Oats Kheer (505 cal) + 3 whole eggs (240 cal)

total : 745 calories

meal2(8:00am) : Soyabean ki sabji(320 cal) + 4 indian bread(240 cal)  + 1 scoop peanut butter(100 cal)

total: 660 calories

meal3(12:00pm) : 4 whole egg(320 cal) +1 tbsp peanut butter(94 cal) + 4 roti(240 cal) + sabji(let’s say 100)

total : 754 calories

meal4 (3:00pm) : Whey oats shake (490)+ 1 medium size banana(90 cal)

total : 580 calories

meal5 (6:00 pm): cooked chicken(440 calories) + 4 Indian Bread(240)

total: 680 calories

meal6(9:00pm) : whey omlet(275) + Buttered Sweet potato(320 cal)

total: 595 calories

Whey omlet(275 cal) – beat 2 eggs(160 cal) in a bowl, add 1 scoop whey(115) and stir. make an omelet out of it.

Buttered Sweet potato(320 cal) – cut 200 gm sweet potato(170 cal) in slices, fry it in around 20 gm butter(150 cal) until its soft, put some cinnamon powder on top of it also salt if you want. (This was my Maggie replacement at home)

Oats Kheer (505 cal) : soak 3 scoop** oats(300 cal) in 100 ml(40 cal) milk for 5 minutes, add 20 ml honey(75 cal) and 1 medium size sliced banana(90 cal).

*cooked oats has twice the volume as raw oats so don’t cook it, instead soak it in water or milk for a minute or two.

** scoop size is 70cc. You can use your whey protein scoop.

Whey Oats Shake(490 cal): 1 scoop whey(115 cal)  + 2 scoops oats(300 cal) + 20 gm roasted chia seeds(100 cal) + 10 gm honey(75 cal). Put everything in your shaker, add some water and drink or eat it. (It might sound weird but tastes good)

Cooked Chicken(440 cal): 150 gm chicken breast(240 cal) cooked in 2 table spooon coconut oil (200 cal)

Soyabean ki sabji(320 cal): 30 gm boiled/fried soyabean(100 cal) cooked in 2 tbsp of ghee(220 cal). Add salt and veggies if you want.

***egg yolk has 3-4 times more calories than egg white. So, dear hardgainers, swallow all the yolks you can find in your home.

NOTE : Don’t directly jump into a high calorie diet plan. Gradually increase the amount in a week or two to get the idea of how much calories you can handle without the feeling of overeating.




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  1. Andrew says:

    Good read. I think this is sound advice


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